Description:Founded in 1999. Initially set up for the purpose of releasing russian advanced electronica, russian experimental & modern music. CHEBUREC does not adhere to any particular style or orthodoxy yet strives for constant aesthetic vision. We believe that Russian musicians had developed their own unique approaches to modern electronica and its related and we want to introduce the results to the whole world. CHEBUREC intents to release in Russia most interesting yet almost unknown over here electronic & experimental music to build the context our musicians are working within. As well CHEBUREC organize quality events to pleasure all modern electronica lovers.
Genres:Electronica, Experimental, IDM
  • EU
  • KLUtCh
  • P.C.P.
  • Tenzor
  • Sensiva
  • Lonyx
  • 2H Company
  • Zelany Rashoho
  • Mombus
  • ADD
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