Label:Load Records
U.S. State:Rhode Island
Country:United States
Description:Screaming out of Providence, RI at the speed of a water-balloon filled with Gator-Aid, Load Records is serving you up some totally in-the-red primo scree from the trenches of today’s spazz rock scene. Load has been documenting crazed panic-rock and costumed electronic sounds since 1993 and is on the forefront, releasing tons of bands getting crazy ink all around the world. The sound? The Load sound is tough to pin down but there are plenty of one man-bands, costumed shenanigans, concept records, jittery sounds and in-your-face/down-your-pants hard rock. The roster includes Cadillac-drivers such as Lightning Bolt, Pink and Brown, Forcefield, Neon Hunk and Sightings. This is no “totally 80’s” revival new wave, but the sound of something new. Fans of other teen sensations like the Locust, Radio 4, and the like already know the Load Records brand of quality. The kids are screaming for something new. Dive in and lather up.
Genres:Experimental, Industrial, Punk, Rock, Weird & Unusual
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Brainbombs
  • Scissor Girls
  • Sightings
  • Neon Hunk
  • Men's Recovery Project
  • Forcefield
  • Pink and Brown
  • Pleasurehorse
  • Thee Hydrogen Terrors
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