Label:Venge Records
City:Chapel Hill
U.S. State:North Carolina
Country:United States
Description:Venge releases artists who push the fringes of their genre - which is a word we try to avoid as much as possible. We do everything on our own terms and put out music for the fans, not the $$. We give our roster all the support they need to reach as many fans as possible worldwide. We're not a trend, we're not a fad, we're not corporate industry hogs, we are not even in the "music industry"...we just put out some of the most refreshing metal/grind/post-hardcore/circus/punk in the land.
Genres:Emocore, Grindcore, Hardcore, Metal, Punk
  • End of All
  • Filth Amendment
  • Idea of Beauty
  • Valient Thorr
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