Label:Production One Recordings
U.S. State:Florida
Country:United States
Description:The best of both worlds (Analog and Digital). 24 tracks direct to disk at 96khz / 24bit. Neumann, Shure and AKG mics. Vintage Tascam M-520 console. Large mix room (With comfy wrap around couch). Great new MOTU 24 I/O A/D converters!!! Large Parking Lot. 24 hour security. Easy access to Cocoa Beach! Contact via phone or email at website!
Genres:All Genres
  • Departure From Set Course
  • The Green Goblyn Project
  • Libyan Hit Squad
  • A Desperate Measure
  • Passive Resistance
  • Wolfy and the Blue Moons
  • The Obscene
  • The Momentum Band
  • Weisenheimer
  • Los Straitjackets
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