U.S. State:Minnesota
Country:United States
Description:An American record label established in 2002 by Bryan Wilkinson, Susan Donahue, and Ryan Nilsen. Jack Trash, artist and head of A&R, joined shortly after. aphrodisio produces deep, groovy and soulful tracks, jazzy tracks, tribal workouts, funky bass lines, and the almighty dub; tracks that are dance floor friendly. Key releases are from Johnny Fiasco, Jack Trash, E-Tones, Jevne, Roomsa (Jason Heinrichs and Lady Sarah), JT Donaldson, Dizzy, Tony Thomas, Mark Almaria, The Conga Squad, P&Z, and Brian Zentz.
Genres:House, Progressive, Tribal
  • Tony E-Tones Larson
  • Jevne Miller
  • Jack Trash
  • Roomsa (Lady Sarah & Jason Heinrichs)
  • Johnny Fiasco
  • JT Donaldson
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