Label:Jamaica Natural Records
U.S. State:California
Country:United States
Description:We are an underground record company who are putting out record/CD's on our own terms. We sincerely believe in our product and think that it should speak for itself. We do not have a "target audience." We make what we like and in doing so, you will feel and relate to what we are saying. Of course our music is not for everyone, but then again, nothing ever is. However, you will find that when it comes to the caliber of music we do, that our artists are not everyday artists. They are exceptional, a cut above the rest. I am sure you will find that out for your self.
Genres:Hip Hop, Reggae, Roots, World Beat
  • Mahad Mahan
  • ArtiCarlton T
  • Undah P
  • N4SA
  • PodeVille Man Dem
  • Skerj
  • Ms. Lurline
  • Mahnassi 3
  • Jr. Toots
  • The Quaj
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