Label:Redder Records
U.S. State:New York
Country:United States
Description:Redder Records intends to dependably display for your perusal and purchase as many outstanding rock products as our sticky fingers can possibly manage to wrap around and your ears can possibly compute. We hope to do this in such a way that, right from the start, our care, confidence, and faith in our bands and handiwork is evident in every fiber of the well-designed, sometimes handmade packaging and carefully rendered artwork. This will lead the listener to truly understand that what's inside the package is just as painstakingly produced to intrigue, envelop, entice, enthrall, and rock SO HARD. Colored vinyl is fun, too, because it's red
Genres:All Genres, Indie, Math Rock, Punk, Rock
  • Kind of like Spitting
  • Kalpana
  • Rockets and Bluelights
  • Summer at Shatter Creek
  • Bling Kong
  • Saturday Looks Good To Me
  • The City On Film
  • Tiny Amps
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