Label:Destroyed Umbrella
U.S. State:Illinois
Country:United States
Description:Destroyed-Umbrella Media is a tribal organization dedicated to the pursuit of truth, wisdom, peace and passion through creativity. We publish stories, essays, poetry, along with a diverse musical library ranging from activist hip hop to Indonesian Grind-Core. With each musical or literary release, we create a forum for creativity and the continuance of imaginative cultural, political, or social ventures, which transcend the limitations of the dysfunctional culture. Umbrellas are inventions of convenience which emerged from a civilization built to segregate humans from life. Umbrellas stop the rain from falling on our heads, just as civilization separates us from Truth, vision, creativity and nature. In each publication and record, we seek to destroy the umbrella and reveal the divine energy of being truly alive.
Genres:All Genres, Grindcore, Hardcore, Indie, Punk
  • The.Universe.Conspires.
  • ReAcT
  • DTA
  • Bangsat
  • Anti-Nation
  • LD
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