Description:You may or may not have heard of this relatively new CD-R label from Germany. Though not as widely known as, say, Groove Unlimited for electronic music, SynG@te has been consistent, and fairly prolific as well. Like Groove, they tend to feature a wide variety of EM sounds, though they tend to stick to the melodic variety, often with a sweeter or more optimistic bent than most.
Genres:Ambient, Chill, Computer Music, Electronic, Electronica, Keyboard, Krautrock, Meditative, New Age, Progressive, Psychedelic, Soundscapes, Synthetic, Synthpop, Tech-House, Techno, Trance
  • Frank Klare
  • Syn
  • Mario Schönwälder
  • valleyforge
  • Harald Grosskopf
  • Erik Seifert
  • Wellenfeld
  • E=motion
  • Rainbow Serpent
  • Traumklang
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