Label:Broken Face Recordings
Description:The Broken Face magazine and label are devoted to the exploration (and degradation) of rock and psychedelic music. Because we're only interested in what we consider to be good music most of the artists covered could be considered underground or indie bands, but we have no real aversion towards popular music. We're just not concerned with commercially motivated individuals, and besides those folks get all the coverage they need as it is. As a result, we try to cover a wide variety of more established and lesser known but equally rocking bands. We're firm believers in the idea that one guy with nothing more than a used guitar, a 4-track, and the incessant yapping of the voices in his head is capable of creating the kind of honest music that can stir the soul and open the mind, and in some cases just flat-out blow us away. We mainly focus on pop and rock, but we're also interested in psych, noise, post punk, folk, drone, New Zealand pop and noise, Japanese psych, "post rock"(ahem) and other sounds and places yet discovered.
Genres:Ambient, Experimental, Folk, Improvisation, Psychedelic
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