Label:Aural Hypnox
Description:Aural Hypnox is a Finnish underground label, concentrating solely on releasing both intensive and piercing aural / visual representations of the purest intent. At the current moment, we are mainly working on high quality and unique CD's and merchandise. We are not basing our work on the financial profit nor public benefit - that is why there is no need for commercial conformity. We support the free artistic expression and as a co-operation between the artists and label we try to achieve this goal. Musically we are now mainly focused on dark / ritual / surreal ambient, organic ambient drone and electro-acoustics - obviously, there will always be a strong emphasis on exploring the unknown areas of experimental sonic and visual arts. We shall not limit our releases ever under any particular genre or category.
Genres:Electroacoustic, Experimental, Free Improvisation, Meditative, Percussion
  • Halo Manash
  • I.corax
  • Aeoga
  • Zošt-Aon
  • Arktau Eos
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