City:San Francisco
U.S. State:California
Country:United States
Description:RESIPISCENT unburies the meanest artists in experimental music, video, and package artómusic too long interred by the insipid business of music as mere entertainment. Resipiscent understands music as a hand-crafted labor, non-repeating, innovation in sound, releases that wonít let go. Our packages purposefully defy a mass-culture jewel-cased mindset where file-sharing has only underscored uniformity. Resipiscent means a return to one's senses following a brutal experience.
Genres:Avant-Soul, Classical-Contemporary, Experimental, Folk, Free Improvisation
  • Liz Allbee
  • Midmight
  • Porest
  • Anti-Ear Tarantism
  • Bran(...)Pos
  • Masonic Youth
  • Xome, Tralphaz, Ecomorti
  • Smegma
  • Noel Von Harmonson
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