Label:Planet Satan Revolution
Description:Planet Satan Revolution is an underground label that started up in spring 2004. Label crew consists of: Prime Evil and Cerastes from Mysticum and lately Fabban Malfeitor of Aborym is also now within the crew of PSR. The truly dedicated metal maniac Saiihtam (Better known as the second half of Epidemic Music Norway, that he runned together with Daemon from Limbonic Art and Sarcoma Inc.) This label will only sign satanic and occult related bands, in the old spirit of Euronymous of Deathlike Silence Production (DSP) and Mayhem. But we are also open-minded for other music styles than metal, but they must be obscure, occult, satanic in an atmospheric and true way.
Genres:Death Metal, Doom, Grindcore, Industrial, Military
  • Mysticum
  • Amok
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