Label:Muse-Eek Publishing
City:New York
U.S. State:New York
Country:United States
Description:Muse-Eek specializes in the publication of music workbooks that teach the foundation of advanced techniques through text and this interactive website. Our artists recordings reflect experimentation within music, theory and genre, and our gallery contains work that seeks to be honest about art, not fashion. Muse-Eek promotes the spirit of exploration, inspiration, and integrity in the arts.
Genres:Acoustic, Classical-Contemporary, Computer Music, Educational, Electro Jazz, Free Improvisation, Funk, Fusion, Improvisation, Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz - Acid, Jazz - Mainstream, Psychedelic
  • bruce arnold
  • michal shapiro
  • melissa kassel
  • spooky actions
  • release the hounds
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