Description:bpm:tv is your only connection to the hottest dance culture on television! A one stop source for DJ culture and the electronic music lifestyle. In this little corner of television, it will continue to be packed with the latest sounds and sights from the biggest names in the global scene as well as the up and coming. Beyond that, thereís insightful reviews, informative interviews, features, and other randomly related information that the minds behind bpm:tv know will be of interest. Beyond that, check out the Forum to express your two and a half cents (Ďcause two just isnít quite enough) on issues, personalities, and subjects relating to dance culture and electronic music. Our web site is constantly being check in with us often. Last but most certainly not least, your feedback is essential to making this place even better, so please donít hold back. Email to get your thoughts read by the wizards of bpm:tv!
Genres:Dance, Drum & Bass, Electronica, Euro Dance, House
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