Description:SPOOL aims to be an adventure in sound. We are developing a catalogue of works chosen for musical merit rather than for commercial considerations. We want to spread the word, reveal new wide open spaces, and push our releases out onto a larger, unsuspecting world. Although SPOOL does not adhere to the confining categories and pigeon holes which market-mongers have created to carve up the musical spectrum, we have initiated three series of our own: The LINE series concentrates on improvisors who are active members of the free improv scene or whose work interacts substantially with these ideas. The POINT series intends to represent the new music by composers both young and old who are establishing a new vocabulary for sound construction. The FIELD series documents artists who are exploring new sonic possibilities in music, pushing back the boundaries of what is considered 'music', or who are dispensing with the concept in favour of a new aesthetic as yet on tomorrow's horizon.
Genres:Classical-Contemporary, Experimental, Free Improvisation, Improvisation, Jazz
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