Label:Visible Productions
City:San Francisco
U.S. State:California
Country:United States
Description:The goal of Visible Productions is to give quality new music the quality presentation that it deserves, and to motivate ingenuity in the American dance/ambient/experimental music parket. Visible aims to remain rooted in the energetic spirit of the underground while reaching to the widest possible audience. The catalog encompasses a wide variety of styles and sounds, allowing each artist to speak with his own voice, and insuring that talent remains Visible's motivating force. As the American market for this music matures, Visible recognizes the challenge of maintaining freshness and intelligence in its products. It is about the music, and will always be. The name is there as a constant reminder. Achieve visibility! Visible Productions material is now exclusively distributed in the USA through
Genres:Ambient, Electronica, Techno
  • Seofon
  • Joey Beltram
  • Alcove
  • Martin Bond
  • Ambient Temple of Imagination
  • Meridian Dream
  • Channel 69
  • Planet 6
  • Encephaloid Disturbance
  • Not Breathing
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