Label:Counter Attack Productions
Description:The Bulgarian Black, doom, gothic metal label. Licencing CD productions and distribution. Here you can find bands like Sabrax, Nightsky Bequest, Haron, Moria, Frozen Tears, Dark Inversion, Aphasia, Penitent, Veiled Allusions, Kajno Jesno Solntze, Reunion, Zaratustra, Tangrycan, In Somnus, Dead Future, Samhain, On Wings, Nightwish, Falkenbach, Summoning and more. We are distributors of labels like Napalm Records, Spinefarm, Avantgarde Music, Prophecy, Limb Music, No Colours, SPV, Sanctuary Records Group, and more...
Genres:Acoustic, Ambient, Beach, Celtic, Classical, Doom, Electronic, Electronica, Etheric Wave, Ethnic, Experimental, Female Vocal, Goa, Gothic, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Industrial, Instrumental, Metal, Minimalist, Nature Sounds, New Age, New Wave, Nordic, Noise, Opera, Orchestral, Pagan, Rock-2000's, Slavic, Soundtracks, Thrash
  • Nightsky Bequest
  • Sabrax
  • Haron
  • Moria
  • Frozen Tears
  • Dark Inversion
  • Aphasia
  • Penitent
  • Kajno Jesno Solntze
  • Zaratustra
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