Label:'ASR Records - Kansas City USA
City:Kansas City
U.S. State:Missouri
Country:United States
Description:'ASR RECORDS was co-founded in 1995 by the Kansas City area award-winning legendary Jazz artist, Alaadeen; along with longtime community arts advocate, Fanny Dunfee. Today, the label has expanded its focus to include other recording artists and producers on the roster, as well as secured strategic relationships with other industry firms in certain key areas like promotion, manufacturing and distribution
Genres:Female Vocal, Free Improvisation, Improvisation, Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz - Latin, Jazz - Mainstream, World Fusion
  • Ahmad Alaadeen
  • Chris Burnett
  • Richie Pratt
  • Toni Gates
  • Erica Lindsay
  • Sumi Tonooka
  • Sebastien Paindestre
  • Will Matthews
  • Trace Elements
  • Tayammum Falah
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